The roots of refugee crises lie in much larger human displacement crises, though Eurocentrism may not see it that way. In 2015 the top three sources of asylum seekers in the EU were Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, countries subject to invasions and proxy wars involving several European powers. The numbers of displaced people within and without those countries are 20 times higher than those seeking refuge in Europe. Further, the Middle East wars have been driven systematically by the Washington-NATO plan for a ‘New Middle East’, not simply by factors endogenous to the region. These refugees are not fleeing oppressive regimes; they run to escape invasions and proxy wars backed by the western powers. Evidence makes it clear that NATO countries have backed every single terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, directly or indirectly, to weaken and dominate these countries.

2017 The war in Syria and Europe’s refugee crisis PDF

Paper presented at Crossing Borders Conference, Lesvos Greece, 2017